What is this : This is a traditional regional (Campania) sailboat championship. All the boats, traditional GOZZO and LANCIA, are in wood, and are complete with a "LATINA " sail, one of the most ancient of Mediterranean.The regatta will also include a flotilla of historic DINGHY 12 ' with a single or double crew. This type of boat was designed by G.Cockshot in 1913, it has successfully sailed in regattas all over Europe until recent days.

Where : The "Circuito delle sirene" (litteraly "The Mermaid's circuit") will welcome our regional boats from Cuma, Monte di Procida, Sapri and from other regions which have decided to join in as our guest, such as Liguria, Sicily and Sardegna. The "Circuito delle sirene" is divided into 3 laps : Pisciotta, Ischia,Salerno.

Details :
This event is carried trough 3 weekends, divided into 6 regattas, 2 for each weekend. Apart from the challenge at sea, more initiatives of various cultural interest will be organized. These include exhibition on the history of sailing and of the lateen sail in particular, on paintings and photography ending with the many local products for the commerce of which the inhabitants of the coastal areas like the Cilento, of Salerno and Naples came into contact with each other in the past ages. For all visitors tourist information and a variety of offers regarding our territory will be available.


Why :
In the past, villages along the coast of our region Campania were connected to each other for commercial and cultural reasons, thanks to the use of the lateen sail; time developed technology and engines substituted the old lateen sail that now only survive thanks to amateurs. The "Circuito delle sirene" is a way for remembering our common grounds and reinforce the relationship between the descendants of those populations who lived at sea.

Promotors of the events 2019 : The Lega Navale Italiana-section Salerno, the UISP Salerno, the Lega Navale Italiana-section Ischia,(following the order of the events).

Boats : Boats In our region, Campania, over 50 boats have been regularly registered, 25 of them ready to take part in the competition. More fleets are also involved and will join in the "Circuito delle sirene",  the sicilian, ligurian and sardinian fleet .


Creews :
On each boat there is a commander-in-chief and between one and six crew members working sails and balancing the weight on board.

Terminology : The boats are the same ones that local fishermen used and still use for fishing, all with a lateen sail. This is composed of a wood mast at the end of which there's a pulley that allows to hoist a long perch called lateen yard. On this Yard, on the side of the triangular sail, the lateen sail is tied (from the name "vela alla trina", triangular sail) . The single suspension point of the yard ensures its rotation around the mast for orientation. Generally an equipped boat is complete with another sail called Jib. This is also a triangular sail, hoisted by a second pulley which is fixed on the front of the lateen sail. The jib doesn't have a yard because its side is only tied at the ends, one end to the pulley used to hoist it, the other to another pulley which is at the top of the bowstrip (a long post stuck to the bows of the boat).


Appointments : All side events will be held in the moving villages they are listed below.

- info regarding the boats involved in the race and the ones being restored, placing and official billboard of the events.

- historical documents, written historical facts, photos, paintings and oral accounts.

- food and drink, arts and crafts

- friends who economically sustain the "Circuito delle sirene"

- modelling

- sea-related professions

- market - used and new items

The village will change its dimension according to local administrations directions.

Outside programme  : During the year 2019 some boat from Campania will participate to important international events such as VOILES LATINES in Saint Tropetz,  The Sicily's Circuit (Sciacca, Castellammare del golfo and Marsala) the TROFEO DEL PRESIDENTE DELLA REPUBBLICA in Stintino (Sardinia). Already in past seasons the starring boats from the Penisola Sorrentina were seen there, from the "Angelina" , "Santa Rosa" and "o' castaviell".

Programme championship The Mermaid's circuit
14/15 settembre Pisciotta (Salerno)
21/22 settembre Ischia
28/29 settembre Salerno


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